March 15, 2019

Georgetown 12U Forfeiture

It has come to my attention that rumors and falsehoods have gotten ahead of the truth in regard to two tournament games forfeit by the Georgetown 12U club at Skate Frederick this past weekend. As tournament director, I was tasked with making the decision that led to the two games being forfeit. I believe it is important to set the record straight. Accordingly, I made the decision to assess forfeits based on my research and belief of the following:

  • The Georgetown 12U team did NOT have any players on its roster also rostered on a travel club. Suggestions that Georgetown played a “ringer” or “ringers” are false. While some players play on additional clubs, these clubs are not Tier II travel clubs. Therefore, there is no CCHL league roster rules violation.
  • After their second game of the tournament, Georgetown self reported through proper CCHL channels that they had a different player that they discovered was dual-rostered on two CCHL club rosters. Club officials reported it immediately upon their discovery of the situation. Georgetown club officials were not aware that he was officially rostered on two CCHL teams during the season.  The dual rostered player was not one of the players accused of being a “ringer”.
  • On their own initiative, Georgetown informed the family of the dual-rostered player that he was ineligible to play and he did not dress for Georgetown’s third game.
  • Georgetown did not intentionally roster an ineligible player. Rostering this player was not done to gain a competitive advantage.
  • By CCHL rules 3.3 and 3.5.4, a player may not be dual rostered on two separate CCHL clubs and a transfer from one club to another must be approved by the league.
  • Georgetown was penalized with a forfeit of game 1 and game 2 of the tournament based on having played an ineligible player under rules 3.3 and 3.5.4.

Unfortunately, I was witness this weekend to poor conduct by some parents and other clubs, that likely stemmed from the aforementioned rumors and falsehoods. While Georgetown did commit an inadvertent rules violation, in my opinion in no way does this categorize them as “cheaters.” It’s worth noting again that they self-reported the roster issue as soon as it came to their attention. Over the weekend, I personally heard parents and players from other clubs say they were “happy” that Georgetown forfeit games while casually applying the word “cheaters.” I understand many of the Georgetown kids were also subject to these taunts. Worse, I’m told adults have directly called a Georgetown player a cheater. This is less than what I expect from CCHL coaches, parents, and players. I am hopeful that the truth will put to bed the rumors.

Respectfully submitted,
Jon Weetman
Hockey Director, Frederick Victory
Tournament Director, 12U; March 9 – 10, 2019