Youth Ice Hockey Equipment: Getting Your Child Ice-Ready This Season

“Mom! Where’s my . . . ?” For most of us, your child’s hockey bag probably hasn’t been opened since (YIKES!) last season. And no parent wants to be alerted of a missing glove or mouth guard as you’re headed to the first practice. Then there’s the sudden growth spurt that happened without your permission[…]

What’s the deal with youth ice hockey’s blue pucks?

From forwards to goalies, why 8U has gone blue In 2009, USA Hockey made a change to youth ice hockey that turned a few heads. In 8U leagues, black pucks suddenly turned blue. No, not because of the cold (but that would have been cool). It had everything to do with a young skater’s development[…]

Youth Ice Hockey MouthGuards: Protecting More than Just Your Child’s Smile

Why do coaches, parents, and yes, those funny skating people in the vertical striped shirts always ask . . . Where’s your mouthguard, kid? This season and every season, before your beloved hits the ice, don’t forget one of the most important pieces of equipment your child will ever wear. Better yet, pack two in[…]