Inter Rink Communications (IRC)

If your event is like most, it is probably hosted across multiple locations. A team may play in one location, have a break and then drive to another location. Game violations, suspensions and other team-related information needs to be shared between Marshals and between rinks. Instead of worrying about emails or text messages, you can simply enter an Inter Rink Communication or IRC so that other Marshals are aware of the issue.

Click on the IRC tile on your Marshal dashboard to access the IRC screen.


Choose your event from the list then click Add IRC. For each message, you can provide a brief title and a longer description for the IRC. Each IRC has a type that is color coded when displayed. Choose the type that makes the most sense, and then click save.

Your IRC will be added in chronological order with other IRCs on the dashboard. Now when any commissioners, registrars or other marshals from your host club login to the dashboard, they will see the IRCs on their dashboard. Be sure to delete old IRCs when they no longer apply.

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