Editing a Game Result

Click the Edit Game Results tile on your Marshal dashboard. On the Edit Game Results screen, you will see a list of all games that have been submitted for a particular event and division. You can filter these results by choosing another event or by choosing another division. In the grid, a summary of each game is provided. Edit a game by clicking the edit icon on the far left of the game row.

The Edit Game Result window will appear and allow you to edit the report goals for and against, PIMs, and any notes provided for each team. When you click the save button, the points for the game are automatically re-calculated and the seeding adjusted. At the top of the edit screen there are some options for the game that you are editing. First, the screen shows you the scoring system in use by your tournament either Traditional, Traditional by Period, or Buffalo. This information tells you how points (not to be confused with goals) are calculated. Next, you can toggle the Commissioner review indicator On or Off.

Finally, there is a points calculation override option. Use this option carefully. When you adjust the goals for and goals against, then hit save, the system will automatically re-calculate the points for this game and adjust seeding for an unfinalized division. If you change this toggle to Yes, you may manually override the points for the game. Normally, you would not want to do this unless a team is being penalized or forfeits a game. When you override the point calculation, the points are NOT automatically re-calculated.

What's Next?

Now that you know how to submit and edit game results, let's review how you can publicly instant message the Event Host and other Marshals simultaneously on their dashboard at anytime during the event through our Inter Rink Communications (IRC).

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