First point your browser to Find your tournament year listed in the top navigation bar on our homepage under Tournaments. Then click the blue Results button under your tournament.

As teams complete games, the standings will be updated in real time. Each scheduled and completed game is shown under the team with the winner of each game bolded.

Your host club will have a marshal at each event, collecting scoresheets and updating results in the system. If you do not see a game reported yet, just be patient. Your host club marshals will report results as soon as they can. If you see an error, head back to your event landing page, find the host club contact and drop them an email.

When all games in a division have been completed, your host will finalize the division to indicate all game results are official and will then begin updating the seeding based on a tie breaker and other event rules. Once the seeding is completed by your host club, they will finalize the seeding to indicate that it is official.


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