Point our browser to Find the Tournaments menu in the navigation bar shown below and choose the year for your tournament.


Find your tournament on that list and open the landing page by clicking the blue Results button.


Under Schedule and Results by Division, click on your team's age group to view that division.


Each division page shows scheduled games, completed games, and standings as well as quarter final, semi-final and final game schedules.

In this grid, you can click on a team to view their game schedule and results. You can also click on the venue to see more information about that rink. This can be helpful when you are trying to find directions, a pro-shop or maybe a nearby restaurant for in between games. If your host club provides the information, the schedule will also show the surface your team will be playing on as well as your assigned locker room.

If your event includes quarter finals, semi finals or final games, the schedule for those games will be shown near the bottom of the page. When a division is not yet finalized and seeded, the playoff schedule simply shows the games using the seeds. As the seeding is finalized, you will see your team names replace the seeding placeholders.

What's Next?

As teams complete games, the standings are updated in real time. Here's how you can check standings during a game.

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