Getting Started

So you've volunteered to manage an ice hockey team and now you don't know what to do first. Don't worry, the Monsters are here to help. In just a few steps, we'll get your account setup and ready for the season.


Step 1

Create an Account

Point your browser to and tap the Team Managers button.

If you managed a team last year, use your account from last year to login otherwise tap the Create an Account button to create an account.

Fill out the new account form, and then tap the Create your StatMonsters account button. In a minute or so, you'll receive an activation email. If you don't receive that email, check your SPAM folder. If you don't receive the notification email, drop us a note at and we will activate your account for you. You can't login until your account is activated.

Once your account is activated, point your browser to, tap the Team Managers button and then login to your account.

Step 2

Create a Team

Once you are logged in, tap Manage Teams and then tap Add New Team.

Begin typing your club name, when you see it in the list select it and we will populate the rest of your club information for you. If you do not see your club listed, type it in here and we will add it to our master list. Be sure to give us all of the social media handles for your club so we can share game results with your families.

Next tell us about your team. We need to know the name of your team, the season year for this team, the age group, the league you play in and most importantly, we need your public USAH Official 1T link. You can get this link from your club registrar. Without this link, you may not be able to participate. Most, if not all, USAH sanctioned clubs, leagues and events require this link so that your 1T can be verified.

Finally, if your team has social media accounts specific to your team, let us know so we can @ you.

Click Save, to save your team.

If you manage more than one team, you can repeat this process for each team. When you are done, head back to the dashboard to choose one of your teams. If you only entered one team, tap the green Contact button at the top of the page and get ready to add Team Contacts.

Step 3

Create Contacts

You've created the team, so we have added you as the Team Manager. We now need you to add your team contacts including all of your coaches and locker room monitors. All adults that will be interacting with the kids will need to be listed under your contacts so that your host club, league or tournament can verify their SafeSport status.

You are almost done. Once you have added your contacts for your team (or teams if you have more than one), tap the green Register button at the top of the Contacts page.

Step 4


You've created a team and told us who the adult contacts are. Now you need to register for an event. On the Manage Registrations page, tap Register for an Event. Choose the event that you want to register for, and add it to your dashboard.

Event or League Register for
CCHL 2019-2020 CCHL Regular Season
Eastern Regional Silver Stick 2019-2020 Eastern Regional Silver Stick

Once added to your dashboard, you'll get prompted to share this on Facebook. Share it. Let your friends and families know! When you are done sharing on Facebook, return to the registration dashboard and you'll see your registration there.

As your event host or league reviews your registration, he or she will update the status of your contacts, players, 1T and payments. Once everything is good to go, your event host will mark each piece with a big, green check mark to let you know that each one is approved. If there is a problem, your event host will let you know.


What's Next?

You've created a team, added contacts and registered for an event. You are good for now. Your event host or league will direct you regarding the next steps. As things get rolling, we will need you to add your player information, upload your SafeSport certificates, and a bit more. For now, this is all you need to do.


Got a Question?

We're always happy to assist you. Send your questions to using the form below.