Getting Started

Once you create your StatMonsters account, you’ll be able to access your dashboard immediately. From there you can add your team(s), contacts, and player information, register for an event, upload your files, and make a payment.

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Everything in StatMonsters starts with your team. You will need to add at least one team in order to proceed to the next step. Enter your team name once by selecting it from our dropdown menu and it will be populated throughout each step of the registration process for faster input.


For ease of communication and to help you stay in the loop, StatMonsters provides one place for all of your team contact information including Team Manager, Coach, Assistant Coach and Locker Room Monitor Information.



Registering for an event or multiple events has never been easier. Once you've registered, the event host will be notified and you'll receive an email confirmation. You can even post your team's registration on social media. All of your active event applications as well as event updates can be seen on one screen to help you keep track of everything.


All supplied player information is used by the event host for programs, novelties, pre-printed sign-in sheets, as well as other event-related activities. Enter a player's information once and it can be carried over for multiple events you register for throughout the season and from year to year.


Files and Uploads

Most event hosts require a USAH 1T roster and other related files. Here’s where you can upload all of your files including your team logo that will be used for programs, online game schedules and standings page, and throughout your event. Your files are stored on our secure server.

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Getting Started

Once you create your StatMonsters account, you’ll be able to access your dashboard and start reviewing your event registrations immediately.

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Now you can review and approve all registrations on a single screen. Update registrations, keep track of team event fees, view and edit game schedules, submit and edit game results, view standings and see completed games all from your favorite device, anywhere.

Viewing Scoresheets

Now you can review a scoresheet after a game easily. Once it's uploaded by a Team Manager, scoresheets are stored by division and level.

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Printing Sign-In Sheets

Login to your StatMonsters account. From your dashboard, tap on Registrations. Select your event and age group. Find the team in the list and tap the edit icon in the far left column. On the main tab of the Registration edit screen, scroll to the bottom and tap on the Print Sign-In Sheet button.



Getting Started

Sign in or create your StatMonsters account here and you’ll be on your way to accessing your dashboard and start submitting game results. Once your account is created, email us at and we will assign you marshal status.

Player Electronic Check-In

Once you log in, tap the Player Check-in icon on your marshal dashboard. Select the Division of the player and Team Name. Locate the player's name on the Player Roster and click Check-In.

If there's a player or coach that is not on the Player Roster, please review the USAH Official 1T link located above the Player Roster for eligibility. If a player or coach needs to be added to the Player Roster, contact their Team Manager to add that individual.

Submitting Game Results

Once a game has ended, inputting game results is a breeze. Click the Submit Games icon. Choose Game Date, Location, and Game from the dropdown menus.

Enter the Goals For by period for the home team. Next, enter the Goals Against by period for the home team.  Finally, enter the number of total penalty minutes (PIMS) for both the home and away teams. Click Submit.

Editing Game Results

Click the Game Results icon on your Marshal dashboard. On the Edit Game Results screen, you will see a list of all games that have been submitted. To edit game results, select the Edit icon next to the game you wish to edit. Click Save.

Inter Rink Communications

As unforeseen circumstances, player mishaps, and game snafus happen throughout an event, our proprietary Inter Rink Communications (IRC) feature is a way for you to instant message the Event Host and other Marshals simultaneously on their dashboard.

Click on the Inter Rink Communications icon on your Marshal dashboard to access the IRC screen. Click Add IRC and create your message. Click save.




First, find your Event by year in the top navigation bar on our homepage. Click the blue Results button under your event. Then click on your division to see your team's list of scheduled games.

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Find your Event by year in the top navigation bar on our homepage. Click the blue Results button under your event. As teams complete games, the standings are updated in real time.

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