Never Play without a Safety Net: Why USAH Sanctioned Tournaments Matter

As parents, we can’t assume our children’s best interests are accounted for when their coach or team manager signs them up for a tournament. In fact, when it comes to these weekend competitions, we may be missing the largest safety net out there. Understanding why USA Hockey/USAH sanctioned tournaments matter is the first step in[…]

Why We Chose the 2017 Eastern Regional Silver Stick Tournament

In youth travel hockey, the 2017 Eastern Regional Silver Stick Tournament is one of eighteen qualifying tournaments in the United States. Regional champions move on to the International Finals competing against other regional champions. This year, 102 teams including 1,702 players and 347 coaches and managers traveled near and far to compete in Maryland over[…]

Manage Your Next Hockey Tournament from Home

GUEST POST: Karen Komisar, Howard Huskies Team Manager Coordinator If you had asked me two years ago, how a youth hockey club could improve its tournament registration process that typically involves 100+ teams, 300+ coaches and managers, and 1,500+ players, I wouldn’t have known where to start. Luckily for me the answer came in the[…]

Amount Hockey Players Sleep: Why lack of ZZZs can shorten a player’s career

Too little rest and recovery, what are the signs? The amount hockey players sleep is always a mystery. But as a coach or hockey parent, if you’re observing some of these behaviors in your player(s), then it’s time to do something about it. Lack of endurance and conditioning Noticeably sluggish and not engaged Complaints about[…]

Youth Ice Hockey Equipment: Getting Your Child Ice-Ready This Season

“Mom! Where’s my . . . ?” For most of us, your child’s hockey bag probably hasn’t been opened since (YIKES!) last season. And no parent wants to be alerted of a missing glove or mouth guard as you’re headed to the first practice. Then there’s the sudden growth spurt that happened without your permission[…]

Youth Ice Hockey Dryland Training: Not Just for Older Players

The early benefits of off-ice conditioning No longer are off-ice hockey workouts just for high school and college athletes. Today coaches incorporate youth ice hockey dryland training for all their younger players to improve their game and prevent injuries. Where to focus Tailored dryland workouts simulate how a player needs to move on the ice.[…]

Silver Stick Tournament Registration: Be a part of history

2016 Eastern Regional Silver Stick® Tournament, November 25–27 Back when it was a mere, four-team competition based out of Richmond, Ontario in February 1958, hockey enthusiast, Jack Kinsella, couldn’t have known that his idea would one day become the largest amateur hockey tournament in North America, the International Silver Stick. The concept came to him[…]

What’s the deal with youth ice hockey’s blue pucks?

From forwards to goalies, why 8U has gone blue In 2009, USA Hockey made a change to youth ice hockey that turned a few heads. In 8U leagues, black pucks suddenly turned blue. No, not because of the cold (but that would have been cool). It had everything to do with a young skater’s development[…]