February 10, 2017


It all began with a bunch of hockey parents searching for a better way.

As hockey parents, we enjoyed watching our kids compete in tournaments like Silver Stick®, but hated the paperwork that went into it. Mainly it was the hundreds of hours needed to input rosters and organize teams that seemed to suck away our nights and weekends leading up to it. There had to be a better way. The StatMonsters TeamSo in the fall of 2012, a few of us started getting together. Soon the cocktail-napkin ideas began flowing and StatMonsters was created.

StatMonsters is an invaluable tool in helping grow your tournaments. It’s designed to be a huge timesaver by eliminating your paperwork and expediting your approval process. Teams will love it as it delivers real-time game scores and standings straight to mobile phones or any electronic device.

In the short time of its launch, StatMonsters has already revolutionized the way youth ice hockey tournaments are managed, making everyone—especially us hockey dads and moms—very happy. And the team behind StatMonsters is just getting started.