The Ultimate Ice Hockey Tournament Solution TM

2019 CCHL End of Year Tournament. Registration Now Open...

We’ve revolutionized the way hockey tournaments are registered, managed, and reported. And most of all—enjoyed. Our proprietary software helps you manage your team registrations and real-time game reporting efficiently, securely, and with less people power. And we're here to assist you along the way.

OUR Solution

The StatMonsters approach alleviates the tedious details that go into registering and managing a large event while helping to facilitate a more enjoyable tournament experience for participating teams and their families.

Streamlined Registration

No more piles of paperwork. Our easy step-by-step registration process allows Team Managers to enter their team(s) and required information for you. Teams can also register for multiple tournaments you host and not have to re-enter player information, even for next year. Once a team registers, you’re automatically notified.

One-Click Application Approvals

Now you can manage all of your tournaments from one single dashboard. See every team’s information together on one screen and review and approve registrations in a single click. Also send tournament-wide emails right from your dashboard by tournament, level, or individual team.

Real-Time Game Management

Teams, families, and fans can access your StatMonsters professional-grade standings page to see all game results and standings as soon as they happen and from any device. Skip the handwritten calculations. StatMonsters automatically generates playoff brackets for you.

What we do for you

We eliminate countless hours of paperwork that formerly went into tournament registrations and free you up to manage all aspects of your tournaments from any device. Have a question? We're a phone call or email away.
Online Team Registration

Team Managers enter all of their tournament information for you including teams, players, and contact information. They also upload their 1T USA Hockey rosters and submit payments. You’re instantly notified once a team registers for your tournament and the team manager receives a confirmation email.

Single-Screen Access

Review and approve all of your tournament registrations on a single dashboard. All of the information you need is now at your fingertips enabling you to manage several tournaments at one time and in one place. Make and send tournament-wide updates all from one screen.

Secure Data and Payments

Team Managers submit all of their required team and tournament information electronically through our secure step-by-step registration process. Payments can still be sent via check if that’s what your club prefers or online through PayPal® or Venmo®.

Online Game Schedules

StatMonsters uploads all of your game schedules for you prior to your tournament. Teams and their families can view them easily from our website. Last minute schedule changes can be made by you anytime and from any device.

Game-Time Management

Your StatMonsters dashboard keeps you in constant contact with team managers and coaches throughout your tournament. Tournament directors, registrars, and marshals have different levels of access to key input screens so important information is kept accurate and secure.

Real-Time Results

Once a game is completed, results are easily inputted and made available on our StatMonsters standings page for families and fans to view live from any device. Standings and playoff brackets are calculated for you, eliminating the need to post messy paper results at rinks.



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