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Grow Your Tournaments

Simplify Tournament Registration

Your days of data entry are over. Team Managers collect the information for you when they enter their team(s), contacts, tournament registration, and players.

Faster Approvals - Expedite the approval process by viewing registrations in a single dashboard. StatMonsters makes it easy to review and approve without having to sort through mounds of paperwork.

Payment Options - Keeping track of tournament fees is now a breeze. Team Managers can submit payments easily via check or in some cases, depending on the host club, electronically through PayPal ® or Venmo ®.

Single screen access - Capture player and team information in one place. The information you need is now at your fingertips for all those last minute roster changes.

Optimize Your Resources

Cut down on travel and add more time in your day. Now you can manage a single tournament or multiple tournaments from any device, from any location.

Modify Games - When it’s crunch time, make last-minute game schedule changes on the fly and send updates to participating teams. Seriously, it doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Keep everyone in the loopProvide quick and easy communication to all team managers by tournament, age group, or level. No more he said, she said. Streamline the important stuff and say goodbye to costly game-time confusion.

Instant game reporting - Deliver real-time game scores and standings—great for friends and family to view results live on any device. Finally you can deliver what parents and players have wanted for years: instant game results.

Automatic brackets Skip the handwritten calculations. StatMonsters will generate the tournament playoff brackets for you.

Enhance Team Satisfaction

Got that right. Give your fans and teams what they’ve been asking for—access to scores, standings, and tournament results—all in real time.

Hook them early -Still excited from their tournament participation, now teams can sign up automatically for next week’s, month’s, or next year’s event.

Multitasking made easy - Flex your resources and grow your tournaments faster by being able to work from home using your PC or Mac, or on the road via your iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Out with the old - Eliminate wait time and sloppy errors by having to post paper results at your rinks. One less thing on your plate and one less headache. You’re welcome.

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